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AC6V's FM 101x
Using FM Repeaters

By Rod Dinkins AC6V
This book is intended for those entering the world of FM Repeaters and Amateur Radio. The guide is written for new users with or without a technical background. Learn to understand the bewildering jargon that one will encounter on amateur radio repeaters. 80 pages. Printed 2003. List $12.95.

Chapters include:
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2. Your First FM Radio
Chapter 3. Operating Simplex
Chapter 4. How Repeaters Works
Chapter 5. Programming a Rig
Chapter 6. Antennas, Power Sources, VSWR and DeciBels
Chapter 7. Using Repeaters
Chapter 8. Phonetics, Q-Signals and Callsigns
Chapter 9. Funny Repeater Sounds and Myths
Chapter 10. Cops and Jammers
Chapter 11. Inside A Repeater
Chapter 12. Long Range Intertie Systems, IRLP, ILINK, CrossBand Repeating
Universal comment:  Many new hams find repeater operation intimidating. This book lets you skip that awkward early stage. It provides the knowledge and confidence you need to enjoy repeater operation immediately.

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