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Nifty E-Z Guide to
D-STAR Operation

By Bernie Lafreniere N6FN.
This book uses easy to understand explanations and illustrations to describe how the D-STAR system operates and provides guidance for setting up transceivers to be able to access D-STAR's many features and modes of operation. Special coverage is given to the extended capabilities available via Dplus equipped gateways. It provides D-STAR users with the background information and radio programming procedures to route calls to remote repeaters and reflectors. The book also includes detailed how-to information for digital text messaging, file transfers and DV Dongle operation. Detailed information for installing, configuring and operating the freeware d*Chat and DRATS digital messaging and file transfer programs. A separate chapter is devoted to setting up and using the DV Dongle to access D-STAR repeaters and reflectors using a computer. Ideal for those without a local D-STAR repeater or for when you are traveling. Here is the first comprehensive reference to the world of D-STAR operation. Now you can discover the full range of operating modes and opportunities available to D-STAR users. Experience the excitement of D-STAR now! ©2009 Nifty. 104 (5.5 x 8.5) inch pages. List $15.95.

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