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National Radio Club
AM Radio Log

By the National Radio Club.
The most accurate and comprehensive guide to American and Canadian medium wave (AM) stations available. Organized by frequency, with callsign cross reference. The 41st edition of the Log contains over 300 pages of data and cross references and 12 pages of instructions in 8-1/2" x 11" size, 3-hole punched, U.S. loose leaf format. This publication fits nicely into a 1" three-ring binder (not supplied). There is a cross reference by State/ Provinces in frequency order. This list is ideal for targeting needed areas. Additional reference lists include call letters of FM simulcasts with the AM Stations listing, listings of regional groups of stations in the groups section (separate section of the log book) and a cross reference of those stations that are licensed to use IBOC™ (In Band On Channel) digital audio and a comprehensive list of FM translators that are now simulcasting with AM broadcasters. Everything is displayed in an easy-to-read format. A must for every medium wave DX'er. Many updates since the previous 40th Edition of the log! 41st Edition. National Radio Club. Printed July 2020. 300 pages. List $36.95.

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