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WRTH 2020

2020 Edition

The famous "WRTH" has been respected for seven decades as the definitive source of broadcast radio information. With the help of an international network of contributors, this invaluable annual provides the latest information on mediumwave, shortwave, and FM broadcasts and broadcasters. You also get propagation predictions and maps. Country-by-country lists of services and broadcasters, winter shortwave frequencies, an expanded clandestine section, and international and domestic broadcasts by frequency and language, television broadcasters, broadcaster abbreviations, DX club information, Internet resources, updated maps showing global SW transmitter sites all this and much more has been packed into this remarkable one-volume resource. Authoritative receiver reviews are also featured including: Elad FDM Duo R, Airspy HF+ Discovery, Tecsun 310et and the SDRPlay RSPDuos Diversity upgrade. Special articles in the 2020 edition include: HF Transmitting Antennas, Sea Breeze & Wind from Japan, Radio on New Caledonia, Sfax Transmitting Site and Medium Wave Propagation. 74th Edition. © December 2019 672 pages. List $50.00.

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