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WRTH 2024

2024 Edition

The famous "WRTH" has been respected for over seven decades as the definitive source of broadcast radio information. With the help of an international network of contributors, this invaluable annual provides the latest information on longwave, medium wave and shortwave, FM broadcasts and broadcasters, plus Digital Radio (HD and DAB) and national TV channels. Under the guidance of its new administrators, Radio Data Center GmbH, based in Freising, Germany, the Handbook remains an unrivalled source of information and insight into the ever-evolving world of radio. In this edition the spotlight shines brightly on radio culture in exotic destinations, painting vivid portraits of how communities around the world weave radio into the fabric of their lives. Moreover, the tapestry of broadcasting is woven seamlessly with in-depth explorations of the latest equipment and technologies including reviews of the TEF6686, Aaronia, Perseus22 and Airspy devices. 816 pages. 78th Edition. Published by Radio Data Center of Germany.

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