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L/C/F and Single-Layer
Coil Winding Calculator

Whether you are tinkering with filters, oscillators, impedance matching circuits or antenna coils and traps, you'll want to keep this calculator close by for quick and easy circuit calculations. The L/C/F calculator works with Inductance, Capacitance and Frequency. You take any two of these and the calculator will tell you the value of the third, quick as a wink. Need to know what value of coil will work with a capacitor on a given frequency? You got it! Want to know what the resonant frequency of a given cap and coil combination is? No problem.

The Coil Winding Calculator on the reverse is perfect for experimenting with single-layer coils from the tiniest QRP sizes right up through amplifier plate tank coils. Mobile antenna experimenter's will especially find this to be useful for calculating loading coil sizes. Whether your interests are cutting edge technology or vacuum tube gear, this simple "slide rule" style calculator can save you a lot of tedious arithmetic!

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