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Sears Silvertone Catalogs

By Mark V. Stein.
The first comprehensive reference of Sears Silvertone radios. Realized with special permission permission from Sears, Roebuck & Co. Featuring full reproductions of all the Sears Silvertone catalog pages: original advertising, options, specs, pricing and more for over 1,000 radios. Among the Silvertone suppliers were over 30 radio brands including King, Colonial, Stewart-Warner, Air King, Emerson, Kadette, Wilcox-Gay, Arvin, Case, RCA and Admiral. The 240 pages include an historical preface, manufacturer source code table, in addition to a full model cross reference matrix including tube & band counts, variations, cabinet materials and colors, manufacturer (where known) and current market values for all models and variations. It includes reproductions of original Sears catalog pages in addition to providing supplier brands and sources codes. Radio Mania Publishing. $34.95 Retail list. Half price special!

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