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Zenith Radio, The Glory Years, 1936-1945
History and Products

By John Bryant & Harold Cones.
Zenith Radio, The Glory Years, 1936-1945, tell the story and highlights the products of the Zenith Radio Corporation between 1936 and 1945. History and Product begins with an exploration of the history of the corporation from 1936-1945 in a profusely researched and illustrated way. It continues with color photos outstanding examples of many of the products manufactured by Zenith in this period, providing a visual survey of the wide range of Zenith radios produced during the Glory Years. 2003 Schiffer 256 pages. List price $34.95.

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The companion volume titled Zenith Radio, The Glory Years, 1936-1945 Illustrated Catalog and Database is also available. These two volumes (sold separately) represent a treasure trove for radiophiles in general and Zenith fans and historians in particular.

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