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Up the Tower -
The Complete Guide to Tower Construction

By Steve Morris K7LXC.
With professional tower experience on over 200 amateur stations and dozens of commercial radio sites, Steve Morris, K7LXC, has taken all of his hard-earned lessons and put them all in one comprehensive book. It's over 220 pages of facts, techniques, hardware and lots of answers to your tower construction questions. Chapters include: Do You Really Need A Tower?, Antenna Supports, Planning, Land Use Regulations Of Amateur Radio Towers, Other Regulatory Concerns, Neighbors, Hire Someone Or Do It Yourself?, Documentation, Collecting The Hardware, Corrosion, Foundation And Guy Anchors, Safety And Safety Equipment, Ground Crew, Toolbox, Carabiners And Slings, Ropes, Knots And Rope Management, Guy Wires, Tower Erection, Masts, Coaxial Cable, Weatherproofing, Rotators, Installing Beams, Grounding, Building A Single Tower Station, Be Kind To Your Trees, Tree Installations, The Ten Year Plan, Refurbishing A Tower, Maintenance And Annual Inspection, When Something Fails, Tower Removal, Antennas, Working On A Crank-up, A Few Final Tips Printed in 2009. List price $35.00.

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