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World Licensing & Operating Directory

By Steve Telenius-Lowe 9M6DXX.
If you have ever thought of taking your radio on holiday or organizing a Expedition, the World Licensing and Operating Directory is the guide for you. Written by well known DXer Steve Telenius-Lowe, 9M6DXX who has visited 83 DXCC entities and operated from 37 of them, this book has been meticulously researched and has input from nearly 100 contributors. There is all the information you need to get on the air from over 200 countries and territories around the globe.

The World Licensing and Operating Directory is lavishly illustrated throughout with over 230 photographs and maps. There is information on how to obtain an amateur radio license in almost every country in the world - but this is only part of the story. There is information on organizing a DXpedition and "All you wanted to know about licensing (but were afraid to ask)". There is also a major section of the book that provides full details of how to rent more than 75 amateur radio stations around the globe - from Europe to the Pacific and from the Arctic to the Equator! There is a 32-page full-color section with spectacular photographs of rental stations, including some of the most impressive antenna set-ups in the world.

This unique book will appeal equally to hardened contesters or DXers looking for a competitive station to rent and to those who simply want to complement their family holiday with some amateur radio operation from an unusual location. 160 pages. ©2008. Published by Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB). Click here to view back cover.

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