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ARRL's VHF Digital Handbook

By Steve Ford, WB8IMY.
Ham radio operators are using digital radio applications for fun, technical achievement, and public service. And it’s no wonder. Getting started often requires little more than a VHF radio and a computer. Without complicated “owners manual” jargon—ARRL’s VHF Digital Handbook presents the material through a unique how-to approach and friendly, conversational style. Readers will understand how to setup and operate their equipment and software, and make the best use of their VHF digital station. Contents include:
* Packet Radio Fundamentals: All the basics including TNCs, operating commands, and networks (such as DX Packetcluster).
* APRS – The Automatic Position Reporting System: Track moving objects on maps (other stations, public service vehicles, marathon runners, etc.). Connect your own GPS receiver and transmit your location even as you’re moving!
* D-STAR: Enjoy high-speed digital voice and data on the growing network of D-STAR repeaters.
* High Speed Multimedia: Discover how you can set up your own wireless Amateur Radio data network by modifying over-the-counter gear such as routers and access points.
* Digital Meteor Scatter and Moonbounce: Explore weak signal operating using the software masterpiece WSJT by Joe Taylor, K1JT.
* Technical Descriptions: In-depth information about AX.25, D-STAR and APCO-25 protocols.
* Plus, digital applications in public service and emergency communications: Packet radio, APRS, Winlink 2000 and more!
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