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Radio Auroras

Radio Auroras

By Charlie Newton, G2FKZ
Radio amateurs know that sunspots affect VHF as well as HF propagation, and the solar cycle has a direct bearing on the prevalence of radio auroras. The extent and usefulness of this mode of propagation is perhaps still not widely known, though. Radio Auroras explains this phenomenon in an understandable and useful way. Radio Auroras tells the fascinating story of the radio amateurs who discovered this mode of propagation and how they made use of it. Through the following pages there are descriptions of how auroras are caused, how they can be forecast and perhaps most importantly how best to use them to work DX. Whilst auroras are often thought to be a VHF effect, this book also describes radio auroras at 28 MHz as well as outlining the effects of auroras on the other HF bands. Occurrences of Sporadic E can also accompany auroras to provide Auroral E propagation and this too is covered in Radio Auroras. If you are interested in radio propagation Radio Auroras is a unique guide to this topic, but for those studying and experimenting, or those keen to work DX on VHF, it is a real ‘must have’ book. Revised First Edition ©2012 RSGB 64 pages. Click here to view back cover. List $16.95.

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