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War of the Black Heavens:
The Battles of Western Broadcasting in the Cold War

By Michael Nelson
Foreword by Lech Walesa
Why did the West win the Cold War? Not by use of arms. Weapons did not breach the Iron Curtain. The Western invasion was by radio, which was mightier than the sword. This book tells for the first time, the full story of Western Broadcasting to Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Radio, it will be seen, proved to be a major factor in the defeat of Communism. The broadcasters who fought against the Communist regimes, were the same who also had to fight political opposition in their own home countries, which in some cases wanted to shut down the stations. The victory was a triumph of the American and British peoples, their broadcasters and their Intelligence communities. 1997 Syracuse University Press. Hardbound 277 pages.

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