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1935 Official
Short Wave Manual

By Hugo Gernsback & H.W. Secor
A reprint of the 1935 publication. Provides complete directory of all 1935 SW receivers with schematics. Loaded with projects and amazing articles: Like the 1934 edition, the first part of this book contains articles, bits and pieces from the pages of Shortwave Craft Magazine that will show you how to build a one tube pocket set, a one-tube all electric oscillodyne, the two tube "Champ", the "Duo-Amplidyne", the high gain battery set, an advanced 19 Twinplex, power supply from Ford coils, a direct current six tube receiver, the "Clip-Coil 2", the "Globe Girdler 7", improvements to the Victor two tube superhet, and plenty more.

The last part of the book devotes usually at least one page to the technical details of a commercially available 1935 shortwave receiver. The authors claimed that this was a "full directory of shortwave receivers" for set building and servicing. You get details on 16 different Allied Radio Sets, 10 Atwater-Kents, 8 Crosleys, 25 Emersons, as well as many more by Federate Purchaser, General Electric, Howard, Insuline International Radio, Lafayette, Montgomery Ward, RCA, Sears, Sparks Withington, and others.

You get details on three different versions of the Hammarlund Comet Pro, the Hallicrafters Skyrider and SuperSkyrider, The National HRO, SRR, SW-3, and portable transceiver, and McMurdo Silver Masterpiece III. More than 239 different shortwave radios. 1935-2002 Lindsay. 240 pages.

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