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6 Metre Handbook
A Guide to the Magic Band

By Don Field G3XTT / NK1G.
Six Meters is known to radio amateurs as the Magic Band. One minute there may be no propagation at all and the next the band is full of big signals. This book, written by a well known DXer and 6m enthusiast, is the ideal guide to this growing band. It provides a precise introduction for operators who have yet to experience the band, and is the perfect reference for regulars eagerly awaiting the return of the sunspots. Includes:
* Equipment and Antennas
* 6 Meter Propagation
* Basic Operating
* 6m Around the World
* Portable and DX Operating!
* Contests and Awards
176 pages. 2009. Published by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

Order #3482 ..... $24.95

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