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RSGB 1940s
Amateur Radio Special Edition

Shortly after WWII the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) produced a hugely popular series of booklets detailing various aspects of Amateur Radio. This series of books published in 1947-1949 covered Amateur Radio as it was then. The RSGB is now re-issuing these booklets, in their original form as a special edition. Each book is a historical encapsulation of electronics as it was and what radio amateurs were doing with it. The set contains 6 booklets with a nearly 450 pages of fascinating material. Not only is this collection a historical master class in Amateur Radio, it provides an ideal understanding of the way the past has shaped the direction of current technology. Books include:

VHF Technique - Propagation of VHF waves; VHF aerial systems; VHF transmitters; VHF receivers; VHF measurements; Frequency modulation. 96 pages

Transmitter Interference - Cooperation and goodwill; Interference to medium-wave broadcast reception; Interference curable at the transmitter; Interference curable at the receiver; Interference to television. 32 pages

Valve Technique - General considerations governing valve operation; Voltage amplifiers; Audio frequency power amplifiers; Radio frequency power amplifiers, frequency multipliers and oscillators; Detectors; Frequency changers; Power rectifiers; Special applications; Noise generated in valve amplifiers; Valves for VHF. 104 pages

Receivers - Fundamental principles; Principles of receiver design; Tuning circuits; Straight receivers; Superheterodyne receivers; Frequency-modulation receivers; Construction; Power supplies; Fault-finding, adjustments and calibration. 96 pages

Microwave Technique - Introduction to microwaves; Circuit elements - tuned circuits and cavity resonators; Circuit elements - waveguides; Circuit elements - valves; Transmitters and receivers; Aerials; Measurements. 68 pages

Simple Transmitting Equipment - Fundamentals; Aerials; Simple transmitters; Five-band 25-watt transmitter; Simple VFO circuit; Crystal-controlled frequency sub-standard. 52 pages.
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