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RSGB 1940s
Amateur Radio Special Edition

By R.S.G.B.
Shortly after WWII the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) produced a hugely popular series of booklets detailing various aspects of Amateur Radio. This series of books published in 1947-1949 covered Amateur Radio as it was then. The RSGB is now re-issuing these booklets, in their original form as a special edition. Each book is a historical encapsulation of electronics as it was and what radio amateurs were doing with it. The set contains 6 booklets with a nearly 450 pages of fascinating material. Not only is this collection a historical master class in Amateur Radio, it provides an ideal understanding of the way the past has shaped the direction of current technology. Books include:

VHF Technique - Propagation of VHF waves, VHF aerial systems, VHF transmitters, VHF receivers, VHF measurements, Frequency modulation. 96 pages

Transmitter Interference - Cooperation and goodwill, Interference to medium-wave broadcast reception, Interference curable at the transmitter, Interference curable at the receiver, Interference to television. 32 pages.

Valve Technique - General considerations governing valve operation, Voltage amplifiers, Audio frequency power amplifiers, Radio frequency power amplifiers, frequency multipliers and oscillators, Detectors, Frequency changers, Power rectifiers, Special applications, Noise generated in valve amplifiers, Valves for VHF. 104 pages

Receivers - Fundamental principles, Principles of receiver design, Tuning circuits, Straight receivers, Superheterodyne receivers, Frequency-modulation receivers, Construction, Power supplies, Fault-finding, adjustments and calibration. 96 pages.

Microwave Technique - Introduction to microwaves, Circuit elements - tuned circuits and cavity resonators, Circuit elements - waveguides, Circuit elements - valves, Transmitters and receivers, Aerials, Measurements. 68 pages.

Simple Transmitting Equipment - Fundamentals, Aerials, Simple transmitters, Five-band 25-watt transmitter, Simple VFO circuit, Crystal-controlled frequency sub-standard. 52 pages.
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