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Amateur Radio

By Lenore Jensen W6NAZ.
Lenore was a "superstar" of amateur radio during the war for Viet-Nam's freedom, She ran over 50,000 phone patches from SE Asia so our service personnel could speak to their families in an inexpensive manner. Later she was a tireless worker in Southern California in getting positive publicity about Amateur Radio into the mass media. Whatever the journalistic merits or news value of the actual story may really have been, I'm sure they rose to the top of the editor's list due to Lenore's charm. She was working on this book at the time of her passing. You could call it her legacy to Amateur Radio. What an outstanding introduction to our humane avocation this book would be for a newcomer. This book contains loads of amazing amateur radio contacts. Each one an amazing story of amateur radio at its best and most interesting. Chapters include: Disasters & Emergencies, Phone Patches, Wartime, Medical Assistance and Personal Anecdotes. ©1995 Worldradio 94 pages.

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