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Aerials III

By Kurt N. Sterba & Lil Paddle
Once again, Kurt and Lil let you know what the truth is (in a light-hearted and amusing manner!).

From the foreword:
When I invented radio, before the turn of the century, little did I dream that one of the greatest by-products would be the series of writings of Kurt and Lil. When Shirley McLaine asked me (among others) to contribute to the foreword to this book, I said that such a task would be an honor to me. You may know that I first took my invention to the Italian Navy and said that with this apparatus they could talk between their ships. They answered by asking why anyone would want to. Thankfully the British Navy saw the virtue in doing so. You may think the Italian Navy was a bit daft, but there are those who are even more bonkers. Yes, there are some who refuse to accept the wisdom of Kurt. Ciao! -- Gugliemo Marconi

As the inventor of the super heterodyne receiver and the Frequency Modulation system, many accolades have come my way. I feel that Iím in a position to say that the accolades received by Kurt and Lil (from the knowing) have been justly and greatly deserved. – Major Edwin Armstrong

After I placed the grid element between the cathode and the anode, I was often called "The Father of radio." Probably it could be considered that my children are George and Gracie, Jack and Mary, Lucy and Desi, but the ones Iím most proud of are, of course, Kurt and Lil. – Lee De Forest

As you know, my first brush with fame was being the radio operator on duty who received the distress call from the Titanic. However, I can think of an even greater disaster. And that is those who refuse to understand the brilliant teachings of Kurt and Lil. – General David Sarnoff
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