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Ham Radio is Alive and Well

Gary L. Drasch K9DJT.
Ham Radio is Alive and Well, is packed full with useful information for both new radio amateurs as well as members of the Quarter Century Club. Anyone interested in amateur radio who reads this book is guaranteed to learn something new. This read ranks right up there with so many of the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) books and publications. If you enjoyed reading 200 Meters & Down, or The World of Ham Radio, 1901-1950, you will be fascinated with this text.

Gary writes as if he is having a conversation with you over a cup of coffee while he explains many lesser-understood topics in such a manner that anyone can understand them. He shares what he has learned in recent years, and explains how ham radio has evolved and lived on amidst smartphones, PCs, and the Internet. The hobby is not dying but instead thriving and actually growing!

Gary talks about “traditional” ham radio; the stuff hams did and continue to do using HF radios, antenna tuners, wire and/or beam antennas, working DX, QSLing, and contesting. It is about what he remembers from the past, and what is currently happening in the field of ham radio today. You will find bits and pieces of history as well as a little humor blended among many of the various subjects. ©2019 Trouten Publishing 158 pages. Click here to view back cover.

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