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Pre-War Consoles
The Complete Price Guide to Antique Radios

By Mark V. Stein.
Here is a voluminous guide to over 3000 floor model radios from 1930 to 1940. Each is pictured, identified, described and valued. This invaluable reference also includes an expanded resource section listing dealers, collectors, publications, experts/specialists, products/suppliers, restoration services and important websites. The author also provides important information about identification, grading/valuation and historic insights.

Consoles listed begin with the 1929/30 production year and span through the end of production in 1942. The reference focuses on major and minor brands, with expansive listings for Admiral, Airline, American Bosch, Andrea, Arvin, Atwater Kent, Audiola, Belmont, Capehart, Case, CGE, Colonial, Columbia, Crosley, Delco, Detrola, Dewald, Echophone, Edison, Emerson, Fada, Fairbanks-Morse, Farnsworth, Firestone, Freed-Eisemann, Garod, GE, General, Gilfillen, Goldentone, Grebe, Grunow, Gulbransen, Howard, Imperial, Jesse French, Kadette, Kennedy, Lyric (Wurlitzer), Majestic, McMurdo Silver, Midwest, Motorola, Northern Electric, Oriole, Oxford, Pacific, Packard Bell, Paramount, Philco, Pilot, Radiobar, RCA, RCA/Canada, Scott (chassis & cabinets), Sentinel, Silver-Marshall, Silvertone, Simplex, Sonora, Sparton, Stewart-Warner, Stromberg-Carlson, Tiffany Tone, Travler, Troy, Truetone, US Radio, Wells Gardner, Westinghouse, Wilcox-Gay and Zenith. Softbound laminate cover, 2000 Radio Mania Publishing 235 pages. VIEW SAMPLE PAGE

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