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Radio Amateur's Satellite Handbook

The Radio Amateur's
Satellite Handbook

By Martin Davidoff, K2UBC.
Here is your ticket to the unique thrill of tracking and communicating through the ham satellites. Includes: History of Amateur Radio Satellites, Beginner's Guide, Operating, Tracking, Antennas, Orbits, Radio Links, Receiving and Transmitting and Onboard Systems. The most comprehensive book ever written about amateur satellites! Long-time satellite operators and beginners will enjoy its in-depth coverage: setting up a station, choosing the right antenna for the right satellite and tracking the "birds." Includes operating details for every active amateur satellite, the upcoming Phase 3D satellite and all Amateur Radio operations from the US Space Shuttles (SAREX) and Russian Mir space station. Thorough appendices covering profiles of computer programs, Internet sites, FCC Rules and a complete history of amateur satellite and space operations. 376 pages. Revised First Edition fourth printing July 2003. 1999-2003 A.R.R.L.

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