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By Gordon West WB6NOA.
The new 7th Edition of his Element 2 study guide is full of cool, new features. In addition to the fun answer explanations that Gordo is famous for, you’ll meet his new friend, Elmer, who provides lots of Ham Hints – practical advice for the new ham on how to get on the air successfully. He also includes lots of Website Resources – sites that readers can visit for more information, product resources, and places where they can learn even more about ham radio! The QPC has rewritten the Q&A to a middle-school reading level, which means it will be easier for kids to get their entry-level license.

The new edition includes a BONUS audio CD teaching VHF propagation; DX contacts and more! This Seventh Edition is valid for tests from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2014. Master Publishing 232 pages. GWTM. List price $20.95. Click her to view larger cover.

Universal also offers the:
Gordon West Tech audio theory CDs.
Gordon West Tech book with PC Software.

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