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Plastic Radios

Plastic Radios

By Mark V. Stein.
Plastic Radios is the only book you'll need for identification and valuing of Bakelite, Catalin, Plaskon, Beetle, Tenite and Styrene radios. It includes over 3,000 radio listings encompassing 120 manufacturers. Each entry inludes a photo or illustration, brand name, representative model number, production year, type of plastic, tube and band counts, variations (including color and material) and market values for every variant. In addition radio listings, the guide includes a concise history of plastics, information to assist the collector in identifying different types of plastics, their common flaws and current nomenclature and general rules to evaluate antique radios for purchase. A comprehensive listing of restoration resources and radio clubs in the U.S. and Canada are also included. Radio Mania Publishing. Click here to view sample page. $37.95 retail. Half price special!

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