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By Gordon West WB6NOA.
The new 9th Edition of his Element 2 study manual for the Element 2 exam includes lots of features to make it easier for the aspiring ham to earn their entry level Amateur Radio license – Technician Class. All photos and illustrations are in full color! The new Element 2 pool has 423 questions, only 3 less than the old pool – but the new pool has been significantly updated. There are more than 60 brand-new questions, and the Q&A have been rewritten to improve the exam content to better reflect Technician Class privileges, operation, radio equipment, and the rules a new ham needs to know. Gordo has reorganized the Element 2 Q&A into 20 logical topic groups to follow the syllabus of his weekend ham class – and KEY WORDS are highlighted in BLUE throughout the book. Eric P. Nichols, KL7AJ has contributed to this new edition, adding upbeat explanations and in-depth sidebars to enhance understanding of technical topics. This book includes Gordo’s “On the Air” audio CD introduction to Technician Class privileges that demonstrate the excitement of Tech Class operation and a coupon offering a free mini-subscription to CQ – Amateur Radio magazine.

This new 9th Edition is valid for tests from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2022. W5YI Master Publishing. GWTM-18. List price $24.95. Click her to view larger cover or back cover.

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