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National Radio Club
AM Station Antenna Pattern Book

Prepared by Bill Hale.
This impressive book provides with both Daytime and Nightime patterns for stations in the U.S.A., Canada and parts of Mexico! Each plot is a close reproduction of each pattern’s shape and bearing. Sizes are proportional, but may not reflect the actual coverage areas due to the many factors which enter into the equation of where and how far an AM signal travels and can be heard. Daytime patterns are depicted by a dashed line as opposed to nighttime patterns which are shown with solid lines. Stations in Alaska and Hawaii are listed on separate pages at the end of the book. This updated edition has an effective data date of July 2018. An invaluable aid to any serious medium wave DXer. The Antenna Pattern Book is on three hole punched paper that fits in a 1 inch, three-ring binder (not supplied). 8th Edition. 2018. National Radio Club. List price $32.95.

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