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The Golden Age of RCA 1919-1929

By Eric P. Wenaas.
Radiola was the trade name used on broadcast receivers sold by the R. C. A. beginning in 1922 and continuing into the early 1930s. The 10-year period from 1919 to 1929 was the golden age of radio for RCA, when they became the dominant force that brought radio into the homes and daily lives of millions of ordinary Americans. RCA accounted for many “firsts” in radio development during that time, including the first mass-produced superheterodyne receiver and the first electrodynamic cone speaker. This comprehensive book documents and pictures every nationally advertised radio receiver and the major accessories sold by RCA during that first decade, with nearly 700 color photos of apparatus, magazine ads and promotional literature. While the focus of the book is on receiver apparatus, the historical context is also provided, sometimes with a unique spin on historical events, gleaned from extensive research of material from museum archives and other obscure documents. The author has relied almost entirely on original documents and contemporaneous articles, citing over 470 references. The history buff will find new and interesting information here not only on RCA but also on the companies that produced apparatus for them, including GE, Westinghouse, Wireless Specialty Apparatus, and Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co., as well as companies that used RCA radios and amplifiers in their own products, including Victor Talking Machine Co., Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. and Graybar Electric Company. This book is an essential reference for the library of radio historians and collectors alike. ©2007 Sonoran Publishing 495 pages. List $65.00.
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