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Perera's Telegraph Collectors Guide

By Prof. Tom Perera, W1TP.
Written by the leading expert, Perera's Telegraph Collectors Guide is the most complete source of information for all those interested in telegraph keys from beginner to avid collector. Learn the historical background of telegraph keys and details of keys available from the early 1830ís through today. Includes tips on restoring telegraph keys, current prices, and a valuable cross referenced-index of the material. This book covers:  Morse code keys, Semi-automatic keys or "bugs", Spark & wireless keys, Homemade and novelty keys, Radio keys, Military keys from around the world ... and more! Many black & white photos. 104 pages. Third edition. ©2008, Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB). Click here to view larger front cover or back cover. List $20.00.

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