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Building Successful
HF Antennas

By Peter Dodd, G3LDO
Well-known antenna expert Peter Dodd, author of the popular Backyard Antennas, explains what makes an effective HF antenna, how to build one and how to measure its performance. The book deals with real locations, such as small gardens, apartment blocks, lofts, etc and how to obtain optimum performance within the constraints of your location.

Any metal structure can be made to radiate - to work as an antenna - provided it can be persuaded to accept RF power from a transmitter. But is it working efficiently? How can it be improved? The construction of all manner of antennas is described including single and multi-band antennas, with and without the need for an ATU. There are also simple wire antennas, loops alongside beams such as the Quad and Yagi. There are variations on these which use less space. Feeding, matching and tuning are included as well as how to terminate coaxial cable in a variety of plugs. Peterís construction experience really comes into its own in the chapters on hardware, construction and masts. There is advice on how to check that your antenna is working using a few simple pieces of test equipment.This is quite simply everything you will need to make the best use of your location, and to build a successful HF antenna. 212 pages. Second edition, ©2008, Reprinted 2009. Radio Society of Great Britain. List price $34.95.

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