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Power Supply Handbook

By John Fielding, ZS5JF.
This book provides all that is required to understand and make power supplies of various types. Power Supply Handbook is written in an easy to approach style by the electronics guru John Fielding, ZS5JF. John has over 30 years experience building power supplies both for business and home use. This book explains how to select each of the components in a power supply, how the various types of circuit work and how to measure the finished supply. Power Supply Handbook covers a range of converters and also deals in detail with the ubiquitous switch-mode supplies. There are also chapters on high voltage supplies, batteries and chargers, and test equipment. Packed with this and much more Power Supply Handbook teaches the reader how to be confident with building, maintaining and using power supplies of all types. 288 pages. 2007, RSGB. List $29.95.

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