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HF Antennas for Everyone

Edited by Gile Read, G1MFG
This book draws on 90 RadCom and Radio Communication articles from the last forty years, providing a comprehensive collection of HF antennas, with something for everyone. The selection in this book is a deliberate mix of the traditional and more recent designs. Sub divided into broad sections including horizontal, vertical and loop antennas, there is much variety to be found here. Looking back at the earlier decades it is amazing to see how many of the aerial giants, such as Louis Varney, G5RV have written for the RSGB. There is however much more than this. Conventional wisdom of HF antennas says you will need lots of space and money in order to put up suitable aerials. HF Antennas for Everyone shows that no matter the size of the available space you will find antenna designs that will help you get your signals in and out. Feeders are also not forgotten with a section devoted to this fascinating and often overlooked topic. But what if your local regulations prohibit the erection of antennas? That needn't get in your way, because this book even contains a section on stealth antennas that are either virtually invisible or disguised as something quite different. 330 pages, 2010, Radio Society of Great Britain.

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