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Morse Code for Radio Amateurs

By by Roger Cooke G3LDI.
This is a great value for anyone learning Morse Code. The booklet contains:   The history of Morse code, How to get started, Abbreviations and prosigns, How to increase your speed, Using the code when DXing or contesting, How to use a straight 'pump', modern keys, and paddles, The latest learning techniques involving computers, Circuits to build a Morse practice oscillator and electronic keyer.

You also get a free CD. This dual purpose computer/audio CD contains nearly an hour of audio recordings of Morse code at 5, 10 and 15 words per minute. This provides the opportunity to learn Morse code in the car or at leisure by playing the disk in a CD player. The computer section contains audio files which can be run on a PC soundcard or downloaded to a personal MP3 player. The CD also contains Morse Software for learning Morse code and Morse contesting. In addition there is bonus material such as additional articles, pictures, and an array of web links. 32 pages. Tenth Edition ©2010 R.S.G.B..

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