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ARRL's Low Power Communication
- The Art and Science of QRP

By Richard Arland, K7SZ
ARRL’s Low Power Communication is your guidebook to the fascinating world of low power QRP operating. With only 5 watts or less - sometimes much less – you can enjoy conversations over hundreds and even thousands of miles. Here is a great introduction to QRP operating, FAQs for newbies and tips that even experienced amateurs will appreciate. Equipment and station accessories are covered including off-the-shelf commercial gear, kit building and homebrew, including an all-new homebrew photo gallery. Antennas for QRP are discussed including wire beams, loops, dipoles, portable antennas and even a new stealth antenna design. Learn the operating strategies you need for contesting, awards and advanced techniques for becoming a successful QRP operator. Their is even a review of HF Propagation for the QRPer. Fourth Edition 312 pages ©2012 A.R.R.L.

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