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Stealth Antennas

By Steve Nichols, G0KYA
It has become increasingly difficult to erect amateur radio antennas. Hams are under siege from intolerant neighbors, deed restrictions, local ordinances, etc. And sometimes we are just the victims of very small lots. Stealth Antennas offers a wide range of antenna solutions to get your signal out. From using house rain gutters and drain pipes, or a magnetic loop in the loft, through to a tuned loop around the window frame a wide range of ingenious solutions are offered. Designs include magnetic loops, tuned wire loops, small verticals, zig-zag loaded dipoles, the W3EDP wire antenna, and even controversial designs such as the EH antenna. There are even reviews of a number of commercially-made stealth antennas, and descriptions several more. Stealth Antennas also looks at the best way to work DX with a modest station. And VHF/UHF antennas are also covered. While easier to conceal because of their small size (compared with HF antennas) what are the effects of mounting a VHF antenna in the loft? Roof tile absorption is discussed, as are the effects of detuning caused by copper water pipes or house wiring. 2010-2011, Radio Society of Great Britain. 204 pages.

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