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The Care and Feeding
of Transmission Lines

Edited by Joel R. Hallas, W1ZR
This book is a the radio amateurís guide to understanding transmission lines. It includes an introduction to the various types of transmission lines, key parameters of coaxial cable and balanced line types, as well as the different types of connectors. You will learn how to select the most appropriate transmission line for an application, how to install it, and maintenance techniques to help extend the useful life of the line.
Contents include:
What is a Transmission Line and Why Do We Need One?
What are the Types of Transmission Lines and Why So Many?
Letís Examine Coaxial Transmission Line
Other Types of Unbalanced Line
Letís Examine Balanced Transmission Line
Transmission Line Interconnections
Determining Which Line is Best Suited for a Particular Application
Application and Installation Notes
112 pages. ©2012, A.R.R.L. List $27.95. View back cover

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