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Circuit Simulation and Analysis

By Dr. Saeid Moslehpour.
Circuit Simulation and Analysis is an introduction to designing and testing simple circuits using PSpice software. It discusses the tools you’ll need to create simple circuits and understand their behavior, prior to building them in the real world. Students, professionals and hobbyists with a background in basic electronics will find PSpice to be an essential component in evaluating circuit performance. To get the most from this book, readers are expected to obtain a version of this software and follow along with the examples.

Contents: The OrCAD User Interface, Netlist Element Lines, Basic Simulation Types, Netlist Control Lines, The PSpice Probe Tool, Semiconductors, Miscellaneous Components, Transmission Lines, Subcircuits, Sample Circuits and Advanced Analysis.
240 pages. ©2013 A.R.R.L.. List price $27.95.

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