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Early Zenith Radios
The Battery Powered Table Sets 1922-1927

By Gilbert M. Hedge with Durell M. Roth.
This beautiful and informative book covers Zenith tabletop battery radios built from 1922-1927. Each radio is described in detail including comprehensive color-coded functional circuit diagrams. Over 400 color photos and over 200 diagrams illustrate the thorough text. Each radio section includes a Quick Reference guide. The restoration section covers the reproduction of replacement parts and the repair of others. The techniques shown are applicable to any 1920s era radio. The book also include instructions on reproducing the A, B or C batteries. A truly indispensable guide to early Zenith radios. ©2014 Schiffer. Hardbound 256 pages. Click here to view back cover. List $45.00.

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