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Arduino For Ham Radio

Arduino For Ham Radio

By Glen Popiel KW5GP.
Arduino for Ham Radio introduces you to the exciting world of microcontrollers and Open Source hardware and software. It starts by building a solid foundation through descriptions of various Arduino boards and add-on components, followed by a collection of ham radio-related practical projects. Beginning with simple designs and concepts and gradually increasing in complexity and functionality, there is something here for everyone.

Projects include:  Random Code Practice Generator, CW Beacon and Foxhunt Keyer, Fan Speed Controller, Digital Compass, Weather Station, RF Probe with LED Bar Graph, Solar Battery Charge Monitor, On-Air Indicator, Talking SWR Meter, Talking GPS/UTC Time/Grid Square Indicator, Iambic Keyer, Waveform Generator, PS/2 CW Keyboard, Field Day Satellite Tracker, Azimuth/Elevation Rotator Controller, CW Decoder, Lightning Detector and CDE/Hy-Gain Rotator Controllers.  2014 A.R.R.L. 352 pages. List price $34.95. Click here to view back cover. CLOSE-OUT.

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