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Propagation and Radio Science —
Exploring the Magic of Wireless Communication

by Eric P. Nichols KL7AJ
The author presents the complex subject of radio propagation in simple, easy-to-understand terms. This book covers topics ranging from theoretical exploration to practical application. It explains the phenomena we observe on the amateur bands and invites you to embark on the journey through the still-unknown radio propagation universe.

Chapters include:
Matters About Matter
The Optical Factor
Polarization, Gain, and Other Antenna Matters
The “Reflection” Process
The Ground Wave
Demystifying the Ionosphere
The Anomalous Ionosphere
Magnetic Personality
Instrumentation and Interpretation
Free Electron Propagation
Neutral Propagation
Cheaper Than Dirt
Diversity Methods
WWV and Channel Probes
Software and Other Tools
Keeping Up with Kepler and Friends
Your Friend the S-Meter
Loads of Modes
Sea Shanty
NVIS Modes and Methods
Unexplored Territory

256 pages. ©2015, A.R.R.L. Click here to view back cover. List price $27.95.

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