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Ham Radio School
General License Course

By Stu Turner, W0STU.
Unlike some other introductory ham radio books, this one does not merely show you the exam questions and require you to memorize answers without understanding them! Rather, the pages are filled with relevant content that focuses upon highlighted exam question topics and language, and the free questions are online. When you really get it you don’t have to rely on mind-numbing memorization! Yet other books are technical and dry, and seem to require an engineering Ph.D. to really get it. The goal of this book is to promote good, intuitive understanding of radio without “going professorial” on you. Simple explanations with a building-block approach will lead you to enjoyable learning, successful examination, and quickly getting on the air!

This book is valid for tests from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2019. Ham Radio School 277 pages. List price $22.95. Click her to view larger cover. List $22.95. CLOSE-OUT.

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