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The ARRL Antenna Book
For Radio Communication

The ARRL Antenna Book for Radio Communications is "the" single resource covering antenna theory, design and construction, and practical treatments and projects. This book contains everything you need to understand how radio signals propagate, how antennas work, and how to construct your own antenna system. Use The ARRL Antenna Book to build hundreds of antenna designs: dipoles, verticals, loops, beams, and more.

New and updated content includes:
New coverage of small transmitting loops
New and expanded coverage of microwave antennas
Many new MF, HF, and 6 meter antenna design articles
Instructions to acquire HFTA terrain profiles online
An overview of VHF/UHF rover antenna systems
New chapter on VHF/UHF Antenna systems
Rotator ratings, installation, and maintenance
Updated transmitting choke design and selection
Updated ground system analysis and detailed set of ground conductivity maps
Updated propagation and solar activity information, and new sunspot data definitions
New material on MF band propagation
Log-periodic BOLPA antenna design
Updated coverage of antenna modeling software
K1EA transmission-line method for switching stacked antennas
Powerboat antenna system grounding
Updated treatment of wire antenna construction materials
Expanded material on grounding and bonding
Updated antenna analyzer techniques
Antenna tuner troubleshooting
Updated content for low-band receive antennas

The 24th edition is an enormous 1024 pages!
Printed October 2019. American Radio Relay League. Click here to view back cover
Available in single softbound book or boxed set of four volumes.
The limited edition boxed set organizes the material into four easy to handle books.

Order # Binding Type ARRL # List Price Your Price Order
  24th Edition — Softcover ARRL #1113 Discontinued
  24th Edition — Boxed Set ARRL #1144 Discontinued

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