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Magic Band Antennas for Ham Radio
— 6 Meter Antennas You Can Build

By Bruce Walker N3JO
Magic Band Antennas for Ham Radio is designed for radio amateurs who want to discover the mysteries of the “magic band.” Six meters is a band full of surprises. When you least expect it, 6 meters can suddenly open for contacts over hundreds and even thousands of miles. And while the HF bands may be suffering during a Solar Minimum, 6 meters is just as amazing as ever. The book includes detailed designs for everything from simple antennas to high-gain band busters. Plus you will gain knowledge of the unpredictable behavior of the 6 meter band, 6 meter operating and quirks of 6 meter operation. If you’re looking for new pursuits in Amateur Radio, the world above 50 MHz is the territory you should explore. You will quickly learn 6 meters is exciting and fun! Printed October 2018 American Radio Relay League 112 pages. List price $22.95. Click here to view back cover.

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