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More Arduino For Ham Radio

More Arduino For Ham Radio

By Glen Popiel KW5GP.
Building on the success of Arduino for Ham Radio, this book — More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio — includes 15 new practical and functional Arduino projects for the ham shack:  Auto On/Off Mobile Power Control, Station Power Monitor, AC Current Monitor. Load Tester, Voice Memory Keyer, Wireless Remote Coax Switch, Wireless Remote Telemetry, GPS-Based Ethernet Network Time Protocol Server, Yaesu FT-series Transceiver Rotator Controller Interface, Yaesu G-450A/G-800SA Rotator Controller Rebuild, Yaesu Rotator Controller Modification, 1 to 30 MHz DDS VFO, Antenna SWR Analyzer, 40 Meter QRP CW Transceiver and 40 Meter QRP JT65 Transceiver.
This time, they branch out to use some of the newer Arduino variants and devices. Each project is complete and functional as-is, but room has been left for you to add personal touches and enhancements. That’s part of the fun of the Arduino and Open Source communities — building on the work of others, and then sharing your designs and innovations for others to learn, modify, and improve.

More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio starts by building a solid foundation through descriptions of the many new Arduino boards and add-on components, followed by a collection of practical ham radio-related projects that showcase a wide variety of applications.  ©2017 A.R.R.L. 500 pages. List price $39.95. Click here to view back cover.

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