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Receiving Antennas for the Radio Amateur

Receiving Antennas for the Radio Amateur

Eric P. Nichols, KL7AJ
The requirements and priorities of receiving antennas can be vastly different from those of transmitting antennas. Receiving Antennas for the Radio Amateur focuses entirely on active and passive receiving antennas and their associated circuits. There are relatively few cases where a radio amateur cannot benefit from a separate, well-designed receiving antenna or antenna system. On the low bands, including the new allocations at 630 and 2,200 meters, heavy emphasis on the receiving end of these radio paths is essential for success.

The active antenna holds a prominent position in this book, as it offers good receiving performance while taking up minimal space. Recent developments in radio frequency (RF) semiconductors, especially low-noise RF operational amplifiers, have made a number of previously difficult-to-implement active antenna designs a very simple task. 2018 256 pages. A.R.R.L.. List price $27.95.

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