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The Voices -
Spying and Radio Warfare During the Cold War

By Gordon Adams G3LEQ
This book shines a light on the details of the radio warfare engaged in the Americans, Soviets and British along with a number of other countries and groups from the Middle-East to the Caribbean. You will find details of the author's first experiences of radio jamming that lead to his deep fascination as to what was going happening on the airwaves at this time. There is discussion of the activities of propaganda stations such as Radio Marti, Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe and many others. The mysterious "Numbers Stations", their coded messages and the non-attributable callsigns are explained here. The author talks about where the spies operated from and the radio traffic they generated. There is a chapter on Orford Ness and the still secret Cobra Mist project along with a reflection of the role of Cyprus and the UK's Sovereign bases. There is even detail of the role of the BBC and their World Service during these times.

Recommended reading for those interested in the Cold War and the radio warfare that took place in the latter part of the 20th Century. 2018 R.S.G.B.. Softcover 120 pages. Click here to view back cover.

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