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Universal is pleased to offer Poly-STEALTH ™ high strength aerial wire. This high strength, high conductivity bare copper-clad steel wire is insulated with a high quality UV resistant Polyethylene to provide long life. And the low-gloss black coating makes this wire very stealthy. Available in three sizes.

RG8X Coax

Order # Model Material Gauge O.D. Comment Break Price Order
#5760 POLYS13 Copper-Clad Steel 13g (19 x .0157) 0.090" Strong wire for the longest runs. 370 lbs. $  0.33 Order
#3746 POLYS18 Copper-Clad Steel 18g (19 x .0089) 0.090" Great for up to 300 foot runs. 117 lbs. $  0.24 Order
#3711 POLYS26 Copper-Clad Steel 26g (19 x .0040) 0.040" This "kite wire" is great for in-field use.   25 lbs. $  0.19 Order

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