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Cobra 148 NW ST
SSB Mobile CB


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 Cobra 148 NW ST

No compromise single sideband operation is yours with the Cobra 148 NW ST. Full 40 channel CB and 80 channels of SSB operation provide 120 total channels. 12 Watts SSB RF Power Output 12 watts RF power increases range capabilities with SSB operation. 4 watts (maximum FCC allowable) AM RF power input.

Designed to maximize space in the compact environment of today's vehicles. The 4-pin front panel mic connector allows the 148NWST to be installed above, in, or under dash conveniently and easily. This CB features a dual conversion receiver and you can really combat noise with the SoundTracker noise limiter and noise blanker. This high quality transciever is designed to maximize frequency response and image/spurious rejection.

The NightWatchTM series of CB radios continues Cobra's proud and unmatched tradition of enhancing safety and convenience for professional drivers. NightWatch technology fully illuminates the radio's function settings for easy viewing at night. The unique, solid-state, electro-luminescent backlighting is powered by a dedicated integrated circuit to maximize night vision while minimizing eye fatigue. A dimmer control adjusts to all lighting conditions. And all NightWatch CB radios incorporate Cobra's exclusive SoundTracker® system to reduce static by up to 90 percent.

Controls are included for CB/PA, Dim/Bright, Instant Channel 9 and Tone High/Low. With RF gain plus Dynamike and voice lock controls. Illuminated analog meter for S/RF/Cal/SWR. Includes hand mic with 9 foot cord. Only 7.5 x 2.5 x 9 inches.

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