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Cobra 19DXII
Mobile CB Radio


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 Cobra 19DXII

The Cobra 19DXII has sculpted features and muted graphics which give it a dynamic look that will complement any of today's vehicles. Its compact design makes it an easy install in most cars and trucks. You can precisely and quickly tune all 40 CB channels plus you can instantly switch to the National Emergency Channel 9 for help.

This CB comes with a front mounted (4 pin) screw-on hand mic. The built in combination S/RF LED bar graph indicates incoming signal strength and power output. A CB/PA switch selects CB operation or public address (PA) operation for communication outside of the vehicle with PA horn (not provided). An external speaker jack is provided. It features the full legal power output of 4 watts. Only 4-9/16 x 1-3/4 x 6-5/8 inches.

This discontinued model has been replaced by the Cobra 19 DX III.

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