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Ham University
By Michael F. C. Crick.
-Learn Morse code, pass your 5 words-per-minute code exam, and increase your copying speed with Ham University! This CD-ROM includes 3 great ways to learn Morse code. First, there are formal lessons which introduce the code one letter at a time. Then there are exercises -- a set of typical transmissions to practice on (you set the speed). And finally there is Pentode -- a highly motivating game which makes learning the code effortless.

As a bonus, Ham University contains the questions for all three FCC written exams. You can browse the questions, quiz yourself on your weak areas, or give yourself a mock exam. Learn the code, and pass your exams!

System Requirements: You will need a PC with a 386 or higher running Win95, Win98, Win-ME, WinNT, Win-2000/2003, WinXP, or Windows Vista plus a sound card. PLEASE NOTE, this software will not work on 64 bit computers running 64-bit editions of Windows Vista. It will, however, work on 64 or 32 bit computers running 32-bit editions of Windows Vista. Version 2.008 for Win95-XP. Licensed "per household" with free upgrades for 3 years. 1995-2008, by Michael F. C. Crick.

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