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W5YI Ham Operator HOS-16
Software Package

By W5YI.
Learn to pass ALL the ham radio exams and learn the code with this great software package from W5YI. You get all amateur classes: Technician - Element 2, General Class - Element 3 and Extra Class - Element 4. Study all of the new written ham exams at your PC and let your computer tell you when you are ready to pass! Take unlimited exams for every class. All possible license exam questions -- and their multiple choices, answers, and schematic diagrams for each of the three question pools. All diagrams are right on screen. You can even print out properly constructed sample exams ... and each will be different! Complete with FCC Part 97 Amateur Service Rule booklet at no extra charge! For Windows 98 to 8.1 on CD-ROM media.

Material is valid until:  06/30/18 for Technician, 06/30/19 for General and 06/30/20 for Extra.
Version 16. List price $29.95. [HOS-16]

Order #2317 ..... $22.98

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