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International Callsign Handbook

By Gayle Van Horn W4GVH and Larry Van Horn N5FPW.
The International Callsign Handbook is a single, exhaustive publication to help them identify radio signals on the various radio bands. This new CD-ROM ebook from Teak Publications, has been expanded from the print first edition and covers various callsigns and other types of radio transmission IDs used throughout the HF, VHF and UHF radio bands. This giant 1,300 page plus callsign reference uses the Adobe Acrobat platform. All text is fully searchable and can be printed by the user.

The ten chapters in this book cover various identification types including internationally assigned callsigns (including ships), airline calls, ship and coastal maritime mobile service identification (MMSI) numbers, ALE addresses, selected aircraft selcals, selected ICAO24 aircraft codes, and introductory material. The single largest chapter of this book has an extensive listing of tactical call words and IDs used by civilian, military, and government agencies. This is a self-loading (Windows XP/Vista platforms only), easy-to-use CD-ROM ebook. An incredible 1414 pages of current information. Second Edition. 2008 Teak Publishing. [Limited supply].

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